This week our talented captain, Luigi Mattiucci has decided to take Pescheria to another level. He went mad for pasta.

We have been doing fresh pasta for months now, making the basic shape  gnocchi, tagliatelle and fusilli but this week we went wild and decided to go LASAGNA!!!!

You are probably thinking, OMG how can I make fresh hand-made lasagna simply at home???? Well let’s say is much easier than make a scrambled egg. You need only two ingredients water and durum wheat flour, a pasta maker ( it is actually cheap now days) and a let’s say 30 min. Once you have mixed the flour with the water, take the dough get some muscles out and roll it with your new pasta maker, after that simply create some square thin layers and leave them to rest on a tray overnight, sprinkle some flour on each layer before put them to sleep.

Our pasta are all made with durum flour and water no eggs, is actually lighter and tastier.


the result should look like this.

So after the little intro ‘how we got mad about pasta’, here is what we actually made this week for a new summer menu’



Here is what the lasagna should look like before the baking. A little tip, layered the lasagna with the ragu’ first, then one slice of provola(smoked mozzarella) and parmesan cheese together. I call it the sexual cheese interaction, the first bite of this lasagna it actually fells like the cheeses are dancing the lambada in your mouth!

photo (8)

and here is our delicious lasagna.

We’ll have on the menu’ for couple of weeks, so if you feel very nostalgic and you want some good home-made, mummy, comfy food, well you should come down and have our lasagna. Don’t worry I’ll pretend to be your mum.

Buon appettito..

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Cetara colatura of anchovies

As I told you couple of weeks ago, (I should have written this post so long ago I know) I was going to write about the beautiful story of  the colatura of anchovies.

Here it is…

Once upon of time, even before Christ, the Romans were using a condiment for any type of dish something called Garum. The word was actually from Garos, an oriental and mysterious fish, probably the actual anchovy, which then the greeks used to call  a sauce Garon and then the Romans took it back and called it Garum. Wow I know bit confusing, I’m lost myself too.

The Romans would have never left the Greeks win, they always wanted to have the last word anyhow. Ah this Italians have always been like this….

In fact the Roman were quite successful in making this sauce, they were producing different kind of sauce and the best was made by anchovies and tuna belly.

The making of the colatura is very interesting and actually quite amusing.

The fresh anchovies are first decapitated, imagine the Queen of Hearts from Alice in Wonderland screaming ‘offfff with the headddd’ kind of style, the interiors are removed too and together with layered of salt, they are positioned in a thick wooden container (see pic above)

Once the container is full,it is then closed with a special lid and from that moment the rock’n & roll life of the colatura is about to begin…..

colatura 04

In a very rock’n & roll style, after being trough the extenuate process of being covered with salt, the anchovies have to stay in the container, having on the top of it a huge marine rock, which will pressure the lid down and let the pure essence of the anchovies come out.

Apparently the stone have to be on the top  for 5 month,  time required for  the actual anchovies inside to be matured enough to release the liquid ( look likes a proper rehab!!!!) Once they are ready, a hole is made under the container with a special pointy tool, the drops that will then coming out are the very famous and tasty Colatura di alici, the essence of anchovies.

Sorry couldn’t find a pic of the liquid coming out from the container, but i suppose  you got the idea.

Well so now that you know the turbulent and funny  story of  the colatura, if you might come across a bottle( is like gold, a bit rare to find but once you find it it’ll last for ever or almost) use it very wisely. Just few drops in the pasta, is like Chanel 5 too much is trash, few drops and you are Marilyn Monroe.

Few tips: if you one day decide to do some fish cake or fish balls of cod, salmon or anchovies, add few drops of colatura in the blend and the taste will be spectacular.

Hope you have enjoyed this session, buon appetito!

Eating oily fish adds two years to your life

When I heard that the government advice to eat two portion of fish, including one of oily fish each week, I was shockingly surprised. Even more when surveys are suggesting that nine out of ten children and two-third of adults in Britain are actually never eat any. Well is time to change!

According to Harvard University eating more than twice a week oily fish, can help you live longer. In fact you need to know that oily fish, such as salmon, tuna, anchovies, mackerel, sardines, sword fish contain an high level of omega3 fatty acid which the body cannot produce. The more you eat, the more you’ll live, Harvard University is the first to monitor levels of omega3 in the blood and link them with death rates, they actually found that those with an high level of omega 3 have lived 2.2 years longer than average.

So what about start from today? Here is a little help from you favorite fish restaurant in London.

Our menu’ is actually full of dishes that are part of the oily fish family, there is actually one that we are very proud of having; mackerel, a very simple but yet delicious fish. The recipe, that I’m going to show in few simple steps, is on our menu’ quite often it also depends if our fishermen have been lucky enough to catch some mackerel that week.


First of all I need to explain you what is colatura of anchovies, and for doing that I’d need to post another page on this blog. Is a very interesting explanation, I don’t want to spoil it with just two words. As I usually explain to our costumers, is the essence of anchovies. The best product to have in your cupboard.

Once the mackerel has been properly cleaned, start marinating the fillets in the colatura. You can use either a bowl or a plastic container. Leave it over night, so it’ll get much tender.

When the fillets have finished their bath, like Cleopatra with the milk, place them with some foil paper on the oven tray and then grill them in pre heated oven for max 10min at 180.

We serve it with potatoes mashed with mixed herbs and caramelized red cabbage, well I know it sounds too complicated and too much to ask, so don’t panic you can easily serve it with beatroot salad or plain mashed potatoes.

Or even better just come down to see us and we’ll cook our one to you..:)

Buon appettito and eat more fish, eat more fish, eat more fish!!

Calamaro stuffed

If you have already planned a dinner party for this weekend, with a very little time on you and without much knowing what to cook, do not despair we are here to help you.

I called this recipe ‘ the funny looking condom’, i know sorry is not very appealing but you’ll actually give me right once you see the pics. By the way is super delicious, considering my poorly humorous Italian joke.

First of all get some nice courgettes, we will use some other vegetables I promise, so far is the only one mentioned, cut them into medium dices.

With some chopped garlic and a spoon of olive oil, cook the curgettes until they become gold, I’ll say 5 min in total.

While your very tanned courgettes are chilling, cut in the same dices size some provola cheese (smoked mozzarella, which I pray god every day and thank him to have create such a thing). The provola is, a I said a smoked mozzarella so cow milk, originally form Southern Italy its name allegedly derives from the portion of dough “di prova” (test,proof), which was taken from a very big cheese. When cooked, the taste is so sublime that with cheese is the perfect combination. Next time with another recipe I’ll prove you, and you’ll thank me for the rest of your life for giving you this tip.

As we love prawns so much, and let’s be honest our prawns are from another planet, we advice you to get some peeled prawns (from us obviously) to join the curgettes and the provola in the stuffing. Once peeled cut them in half.

And at last get the calamaro, you should have asked to your lovely fishmonger ( yes us) to clean it for you, leave it whole and keep the heads and wings.

 So now that you have all the ingredients ready, let’s start the stuffing (Haven’t I told you that it looks a bit like a condom???)


There isn’t an special order to which ingredient you should put first, we usually put the courgettes first as they are more firm and so they will keep better at the bottom. After, right in the middle some cubes of provola and the prawns, finish of with few more dices of courgettes and most importantly the head and the wings of your calamaro.


I’d say to use two calamari per person, they usually shrank when cooked. Once they ready and well stuffed,  do the usuals cut on the top, so the vegetables inside are cooking faster and also for you to understand if the fish is cooked ( is a good tip for any type of fish, especially the big ones). Place the calamaro in a pre heated oven and cook it for 10 min max a 180, you’ll see when is ready, it’d become whiter.


Buon appetito!

Monkfish roll

Spring is still hiding behind huge bushes and we can’t play hide and seek too much,  so this week we have created something perfect for your future dinner party in the garden.

First cut some fresh vegetables, I recommend some zucchini, red peppers and carrots, chuck it into a big wok and start to cook them.


Once the vegetables are cooked take the monkfish, you should ask to your lovely  fishmonger ( in this case us) to cut small and thin fillets.


For 4 people you should get at list 16 small fillets, if they are medium get 12 you can easily make them big too. Get the cooked mix vegetables and put it on the fillet, if you prefer you can also put some prawns already peeled.

And then roll it till is closed properly

once is closed make some cuts on the top, so the vegetables will cook better. Place all the rolls in the oven, pre heated, cook them at 180 for at list 15 min. Serve with a nice mixed salad dressed with olive oil, pine nuts, lemon and orange.


Buon appettito!